Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I've been working on some new things and am happy to finally share them with you. I've been trying to reconnect with the original spirit of Daily Life Storage where publictions were available for free to those who fulfilled a small request. To this end, these new works are available in a variety of ways.

If you would like to see an archive of the original sixteen Daily Life Storage portfolios, please follow this link.

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Otherwise, please browse the titles below. Enjoy!

Love all of you, Kris

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selection of Scrap Pads on a shelf

Scrap Pads. approximately 3 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches, 32 pages. non-archival homosexual ledgers handmade in Philadelphia from leftover and discarded paper. Each one is unique, individually titled, and includes blank space for writing or drawing as well as bits and pieces of inspirational gayness. More images.

Each order includes one book. Artist's choice. Feel free to specify any of the following preferences: poetry, nudity, mundane reality, the 1990’s, academy gays, shopping lists, book fair beaus, Philly food, bodily fluids.

Available now. $10.00

Accumulation No. 1 cover

Accumulation No. 1. 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches, 32 pages. laser printed list poem describing 45 files found in the Pictures folder of a computer, Alaska Blue cover stock.

Available now. Get your copy by submitting an inventory of something in your life. Submit via postal mail to receive a physical copy of the book or via email to receive a scanned PDF version. See this page for addresses. Deadline is March 31, 2022. Postage to US locations is free. Participants outside the US will be asked to cover the price of postage at the time of shipping.

cWaiting in Line for Ice Cream cover

Waiting in Line for Ice Cream. 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, 40 pages. photograph taken July 17, 2021; piece of paper carried in my jean jacket pocket for one year; pencil drawing of a pizza delivery receipt; poems "Alright stop," "It’s time for a pit stop," & "Truncation"; page from June 1991 Details magazine; pages from 2021 Birddogs catalog; sealed copy of Barry Miller, "On the Loss of Nudity in the Men's Locker Room," 2016; Pizzeria Beddia receipt; photocopies; blue painters tape; Venetian Pink cover stock. More images.

Misplaced Appetite cover

Misplaced Appetite. 8.75 inches x 11.75 inches (11.75 inches x 32 inches when hung), 76 pages. magazine clippings collected when I was a teenager and found by my mother thirty years later, repurposed file folders, concertina with compound bindings. More images.

Sense of 93 cover

Sense of 93. 7.75 inches x 5.25 inches, 20 pages, stab binding. advertisements (Joop! Jeans, Joop! Menswear) and advertisements with scent strips (Joop! Homme) from Details magazine and Buzz magazine circa 1993-5, poem "inhale the multi..."

interior image of A Map of the World

A Map of the World. 6.25 inches x 10.25 inches, 20 pages, butterfly binding. José Esteban Muñoz, "The Sense of Watching Tony Sleep," 2007; excerpt from Oscar Wilde, "The Soul of Man Under Socialism," 1891; inkjet print of an Elizabeth Peyton drawing; inkjet print of two faces from an Elizabeth Peyton painting; excerpt from Frank O'Hara, "Five Poems"; reprinted date due card from Indiana University Library's "The Complete Writings of Oscar Wilde: Intentions," 1909; repurposed file folders; 6-5/8 envelope.

cover of BOOT LEG showing dos-a-dos structure

BOOT LEG. 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, 56 pages. printed copies of "Notes on the Application of Magick to Visual Art," "Some Ruins 2," & "Drawing is My Boyfriend" as posted to ghostvomit.blogspot.com; Elijah Burgher, "What is the Anal Swastika," 2011; color photocopy of "Blast Counterblast” cover; repurposed foil envelope from “Gayhouse No. 5"; repurposed file folders, dos-à-dos book structure.